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About MX-5 Bitz

MX5Bitz was created by MX5 enthusiasts for MX5 enthusiasts.

Our aim is to supply a full range of quality products and we are seeking suppliers.


If you manufacture or import top quality parts for the MX-5 Eunos or Miata please contact us using the link above.

Member of the
Federation of Small Businesses

About MX5Bitz

The Store

Initially we set up a complete store of commonly used parts for the MX-5 / Eunos but found that putting all your eggs in one basket is most certainly not a good move - especially when it comes to e-commerce. We had a single supplier who quickly proved to be unreliable and we had to shut the store and remove all our products.

We have now re-opened with a very limited range but at least they are top-notch products from reliable suppliers. We hope to find more good suppliers very soon.

Postal Address

Do not use this address for returns - please read the returns procedure.

Should you need to contact us by post you can send letters to...

Deben Cottage

Please note that we do not accept callers.


01548 581155 or 07773 983742


We are currently using PayPal as our debit / credit card merchant service provider but this is under review.

PayPal are owned by the immensely popular eBay auction site and are completely reliable for making payments. If you already have a PayPal account you will find our payment system as easy as on eBay once you have registered with us.

There is a possibility that some new (unverified) PayPal registrations will have insufficient credit rating with PayPal to purchase our more expensive items - unfortunately there is no hard and fast rule exactly what your individual limit may be. Once you have completed the PayPal registration there will be no problem but that may take several days or even until your next credit card statement arrives if you do not have online access to your account.

If you have any problems with PayPal please use our contact form to report it to us - do this in any event before sending a personal cheque order.

Legal Bitz

We store your contact information in a secure database and guarantee not to pass any addresses, emails, etc. to third parties.
We don't even get to see your credit card details let alone store them or misuse them.
We are also much too busy to regail you with any spam and probably won't even produce any marketing info to send for a long time to come even if you ticked the box to accept it.

We fully honour all your consumer rights.
If you have any problem whatsoever with a product you have purchased from us please use the contact form or post a letter to the address above as soon as possible.

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