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About MX-5 Bitz

MX5Bitz was created by MX5 enthusiasts for MX5 enthusiasts.

Our aim is to supply a full range of quality products and we are seeking suppliers.


If you manufacture or import top quality parts for the MX-5 Eunos or Miata please contact us using the link above.

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MX5Bitz - Our Lambda sensors

What is a direct fit Lambda Sensor ?
Direct fit Lambda Sensors exactly replace your existing lambda sensor and can be fitted to your vehicle without modification. The sensor will fit into your vehicle's exhaust system, the wire length will be correct and the electrical socket will plug straight into your vehicle's wiring loom.

Why should I choose a direct fit Lambda Sensor ?
Lambda sensors are a critical part of your vehicle's engine management system. Direct fit sensors are the easiest and most reliable method of sensor replacement.

Are your Direct Fit Lambda Sensors quality parts ?
All our direct fit lambda sensors are manufactured to the highest quality standards. The sensor threads are coated with anti-seize grease. All sensors are 100% heat and pressure tested to assure performance under the most demanding conditions.

Are your Direct Fit Lambda Sensors guaranteed ?
All our direct fit lambda sensors are guaranteed for a period of one year.

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