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About MX-5 Bitz

MX5Bitz was created by MX5 enthusiasts for MX5 enthusiasts.

Our aim is to supply a full range of quality products and we are seeking suppliers.


If you manufacture or import top quality parts for the MX-5 Eunos or Miata please contact us using the link above.

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Federation of Small Businesses


Mobile 07773 983742

Landline 01548 581155

You pay the part price shown + delivery and fitting kit if ordered - no hidden extras!!

Product Information
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Our Cats
All catalytic converters are constructed from 409 grade stainless steel and come with a minimum of 2 Years Guarantee

Payment information

Registration number. Please enter the registration number of the vehicle the part is to be used on in the box provided when adding to your basket. This allows us to make a basic check that the correct part has been selected. Please note that our check cannot achieve 100% certainty and the responsibility for ordering the correct part remains with you the customer. For off road vehicles enter "none".

Frequently asked questions
Is my vehicle to blame for the failure of my existing catalytic converter and will it kill my new part in a matter of weeks ? vehicle advice?
What is the difference between a steel and ceramic monolith?
What guarantee come with the part?
How do I fit a catalytic converter?

Catalytic converter MAZDA MX5 MK1 import with temperature sensor
This photo is provided for identification purposes only.
We strongly recommend you compare your current part with this photo to ensure that the correct replacement is selected. Pipework, hangers (where applicable), flanges and all angles must be an exact match. The shape of the canister may vary slightly from the original.

MAZDA MX5 (all imported models with temperature sensor)

This converter has angled flanges and measures 345mm in length on one side and 375mm in length on the other. There is a heat sensor housing incorporated for imported vehicles.

Ceramic monolith catalytic converter

2 Year Guarantee.

Optional steel monolith with 3 year guarantee available.

Fitting Kits - PLEASE NOTE
Fitting kits are only available with a front pipe or catalytic converter purchase - we supply them at cost for the convenience of our customers.

Not all kits contain gaskets as some are main dealer supply only. Where we supply a kit without a gasket the original can be reused with care and a little silicone sealant.

A basic kit comprises those parts that will certainly need replacing. You will need to reuse some parts (e.g. nuts and bolts).
A basic plus kit also contains replacement nuts and bolts - in our opinion the small extra cost is worth paying.
A full kit in addition to the parts in a basic plus kit contains replacements for all the mounting hardware (e.g. hangers).

Available fitting kit options on this part: Kit 1: Basic Kit 2: Basic Plus

Monolith: Fittings:

Mainland UK : £12.95 for first and £5.00 for each additional Cats purchase.

Delivery prices shown are for Mainland UK only (excludes Ireland, Highlands & Islands and overseas). Please contact us to obtain a delivery quote for non Mainland UK destinations before ordering.

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